Yes, I live in Dartmouth…

Six months ago, I moved to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (for economic reasons obviously, because, like everyone else, if I had more money I would be living in Halifax). And now, every time someone asks me where I live they cringe when I say “Dartmouth”. So I always add “In a very new and cool building, 3 blocks away from Alderney Landing” which is a way to say I don’t live in a neighbourhood where people get shot. At least not in the past 3 months. Don’t get me wrong, I love Halifax. I am just tired of people looking down on me because they are “true Haligonians” as if they were living in Beverly Hills and I was living in some gang-infested neibourghood in L.A.

Sure a 71 year old man got arrested a few months ago for “indecent act” – read “masturbating in public” – in a parking lot close to my place and someone was robbed at gunpoint. That doesn’t mean Dartmouth is more dangerous than Halifax. People get stabbed outside bars there every month. But my goal here is not to compare Halifax and its evil twin Dartmouth, it’s just to show people that this long reputation of “the dark side” is not legitimate anymore. A lot has changed in the past few years and people need to realize that. It’s kind of like how people who never visited Europe still think there is no running water there, because that is what their father who fought in the war told them. People, Dartmouth is just another part of Halifax, cross the bridge and join THE DARK SIDE.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I live in Dartmouth…

  1. Looks like Dartmouth is to Halifax what New Jersey is to NYC!


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