(Still) Slowly Becoming Canadian

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 7.42.42 PM.pngLike many people, I welcomed the new year with the usual load of resolutions. They are mostly boringly personal, so I’ll keep them for me. However, there is one that I can’t guarantee you’ll find tremendously exciting, but that you might be interested in. I decided to restart the podcast, and, if I am a little bit less lazy in 2018 (one of my boring resolutions, by the way), maybe the blog, too.

I really enjoyed doing the podcast. I manage to convince some friends and complete strangers to waste an hour of their time with me, and they all were very funny and interesting guests. We talked about many different things and learned about Canada-related things. Admit it, you didn’t know that the donair is Halifax’s official food, that Alert, Nunavut is the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world, or that there are lots of good wines made in Canada (okay, you probably knew that one). So, Why did you stop, you ask? Well, last April, I recorded what was probably the funniest episode of the podcast with comedian Dan Hendricken. For almost an hour, Dan talked about touring in small towns, being (not always) politically correct and times he completely bombed on stage. We had a really good time (at least I did). When he left, I played the recording and realized that the gear I had rented didn’t work properly and that the audio file was useless. I told Dan, who was super nice about it and even agreed to do it again one day. But I was bummed and wanted to wait and buy my own gear so it wouldn’t happen again (and also lazy, told you…), so I never got back at it.

Then came Christmas 2017, when I was gifted the previously mentioned gear, and January 1st, the perfect time to restart it. So, here we are: the Slowly Becoming Canadian podcast is back!

The new episodes will soon be downloadable where all the previous ones still are: on this site, iTunes and Soundcloud. If you have ideas of topics or want to be a guest on the podcast (you know you want to!), comment below or email me at [email protected]

Another one bites the dust!

Today is the first day of the new year. It’s also the day I got to cross another item off of my Canadian to-do list. Today is the day I jumped into ice-cold water.

It started with me realizing that I had told a lot of people about it and that I couldn’t chicken out.

Photo 2015-01-01, 12 11 27 PM

Then came the moment when I actually had to take my clothes off and stand on the wharf, waiting for the countdown and my friend Allison to get ready.

Photo 2015-01-01, 12 54 25 PM

That was followed by the actual jump. A 12-foot fall during which all I could think was “Why am I doing this, it’s going to be so painful” (and “please, don’t let my bathing suit fall off”).

When I hit the water, my first thought was that it wasn’t so bad. Then I started going back up to the surface and the cold hit me. My skin started to burn and that’s when my head hit something: a sheet of ice, no big deal…

Photo 2015-01-01, 12 54 49 PM

I spotted the ladder and started to climb my way up. That little breeze was a real charm.

Photo 2015-01-01, 12 55 08 PM

I was a lot of fun though. A perfect way to start the new year surrounded by a lot of cheerful Canadians.

What I thought would be a one-time thing might  become a tradition.

Happy New Year!


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