Another one bites the dust!

Today is the first day of the new year. It’s also the day I got to cross another item off of my Canadian to-do list. Today is the day I jumped into ice-cold water.

It started with me realizing that I had told a lot of people about it and that I couldn’t chicken out.

Photo 2015-01-01, 12 11 27 PM

Then came the moment when I actually had to take my clothes off and stand on the wharf, waiting for the countdown and my friend Allison to get ready.

Photo 2015-01-01, 12 54 25 PM

That was followed by the actual jump. A 12-foot fall during which all I could think was “Why am I doing this, it’s going to be so painful” (and “please, don’t let my bathing suit fall off”).

When I hit the water, my first thought was that it wasn’t so bad. Then I started going back up to the surface and the cold hit me. My skin started to burn and that’s when my head hit something: a sheet of ice, no big deal…

Photo 2015-01-01, 12 54 49 PM

I spotted the ladder and started to climb my way up. That little breeze was a real charm.

Photo 2015-01-01, 12 55 08 PM

I was a lot of fun though. A perfect way to start the new year surrounded by a lot of cheerful Canadians.

What I thought would be a one-time thing might  become a tradition.

Happy New Year!


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